My name is Jenn and I’ve been pursuing my wine passion for the last four years. It started out with education (Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) & Wine & Spirit Educational Trust (WSET) Lvl II & III) and has evolved into the amazing wine community I am building right before your eyes!

I am a HUGE wine nerd and a mass consumer of wine information. While everyone else is reading the newspaper with coffee, I am reading RSS feeds about wine, beer, cider & spirits! #WineGeek I also participate in industry events, help the state-level wine competition, and volunteer for wine festivals.

With all of this experience, you think I’d have more of a “straight-laced” wine blog, nope…that’s just not my personality.

There are so many unique experiences and stories that happen in the wine industry and I want YOU to share them with me! The best way I can do that is by capturing my wine journey and putting into a format you’ll enjoy! This is why I spend most of my energy creating video content. Given the choice between wine tasting notes on a blog or on a video, 10/10 I am going to watch the video!  #TrueStory Wine is an experience that goes beyond the 2D limitations of a blog and I plan to share as many of those experiences LIVE, in 3D, with you!

Bottom line, Wine Antics is simple! No matter what level of the spectrum of wine lover you are, there’s something here for you! Because wine happens to everyone sometimes!

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