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Scope a Day in May: Challenge Accepted!

Scope a Day in May: Challenge Accepted!

Catchy title huh? But what is a “scope” and why am I going to do one every day in May?

I want to share my experiences with as many people as possible! One of the ways to do this is through a live streaming platform called Periscope! I am challenging myself (and many of my friends) to provide interesting and approachable content on Periscope once EVERYDAY in the month of May!

Use the hashtag #ScopeADayInMay and let’s follow each other’s journey! It’s only a month, and who knows what you’ll learn about social media, your audience, and maybe even a little something about yourself!

Cheers! – Jenn

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Blab About Wine: Dining Out Wine Buying Tips & Tricks

Blab About Wine: Dining Out Wine Buying Tips & Tricks

Do you know how to order an enjoyable and affordable bottle of wine while dining out?

Questions, concerns and conversations continually circle around ordering wine while dining out! To tell the truth, I STILL feel intimated by the extensive wine lists I see at some restaurants! However, there’s a few basic rules I still follow to make the experience affordable and enjoyable!

Learn how to be a better, smarter wine buyer while dining out by joining the Blab About Wine conversation tonight 4/21 at 6PM EST or tomorrow 4/22 at NOON EST !


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The unofficial kickoff to wine festival season is HERE!

The Maryland Wine Event, Decanter is the first event I typically attend every year! The term “Decanter” is a fun play on words in wine (Decant) and in horse racing (canter). Put them together and you have 20+ Maryland Wineries with over 100 different wines to taste! The event is a little closer to home at Laurel Park in Laurel, MD and I am excited to spend the day with the horses and of course, Maryland Wine!

Over the last couple of days I’ve been chatting about wine events just like this one with Stub from Cork Envy (P.S. you’ll see him again at Decanter). If you missed these Blabs, please go check out the replays here! Many fond and and sometimes “memorable” stories come from attending Decanter. With the beautiful weather forecast, this year promises to be no different!!

I am not above working the event (because it gets me in free 😜 ) so I will pour wine from Far Eastern Shore Winery for half of the event (11AM-3PM). If you’re at the event PLEASE stop by and visit me! Then I’ll grab some food, track down Stub and Periscope at 4PM EST while I taste the first of this year’s wine/vintage!

Find me @WineAntics on Periscope  and join the horse racing & wine tasting tomorrow afternoon, 4PM EST!

– Cheers!


LIVE NOW on Blab: Friday Noon Wine Chat

LIVE NOW on Blab: Friday Noon Wine Chat

I am back on Blab today with Stub!

If you missed the show yesterday, Stub from Cork Envy was more than willing to pour another glass 🍷 for a show today! 🙂

We’re going to recap our wine event experiences from “Behind the Bottle” and answer any wine Q&As! So please JOIN The Conversation!!

Behind the Bottle @ Wine Events!
Join the Conversation on Blab


What Are Wine Faults?

Explore wine faults with the Swirl Suite (@SwirlSuite) and Christine Campbell (@GirlsGoGrape).

What are the most common wine faults & how are they detected? Listen in while we discuss how to sniff them out with Christine Campbell (@GirlsGoGrape)!

Brewery Tour for St. Patrick’s Day

Brewery Tour for St. Patrick’s Day

I had such an amazing time at Calvert Brewing Company last night that I wanted to share the #Periscope before it disappears in a few hours!

BIG Thank you to a few folks:

  1. Sam, the Operations Manager and Matt, the Head Brewer! You guys did an amazing job at showing 50+ people around the WHOLE production facility. SO AMAZING!
  2. Also, to Sam’s roomate, Rachael, the unwitting participant! 😀 Thank you for being you!
  3. Last, but not least, to Lauren with iDrinkMaryland!

Take a few and check it out here:


PRE St. Patrick’s Day Periscope Event

PRE St. Patrick’s Day Periscope Event

Join me on Periscope, 7PM EST, while I tour Calvert Brewing Company’s facility! I’ll be joined by @CountyGirlWine / @iDrinkMaryland! Ask questions, make comments, hear about your favorite #MDBeer!

Follow @WineAntics on Twitter or Periscope to get the link when the event goes live!

Periscope Wine Chat is ON LOCATION Tonight, 7PM EST!

Periscope Wine Chat is ON LOCATION Tonight, 7PM EST!

I’ve been doing my best to set the Twitters on FIRE about my Periscope Wine Chat about an event I am very excited for! I am heading to Southern Maryland to join a friend and winemaker at Port of Leonardtown Winery. We’ll be doing some barrel tasting, some tank tasting, and answering any questions that come up!


Port of Leonardtown Tasting Room
Port of Leonardtown Winery Tasting Room

Check out their website here, and join me for the chat! 7 PM EST @WineAntics on Periscope.