#WineAnticsLIVE Episode 13: Beer & Winemaking

#WineAnticsLIVE Episode 13: Beer & Winemaking

Harvest is in full swing!

This means that there’s plenty of grapes to be de-stemmed, crushed, and fermented! There’s also plenty of wine to punch down and pushed to barrels for aging. But what happens at the end of a long day making wine? Does the winemaker reach for a glass of wine or does a nice, cold, refreshing beer sound better?

This week on #WineAnticsLIVE, Stub and I will talk about “Beer & Winemaking.” How much beer does it take to make wine: A little? A LOT? Or maybe none at all!? You’ll have to join us LIVE to hear the argument one way or another.

We’re making it easy to watch and engage wherever you are this #ThirstyThursday! Here’s three options to watch us LIVE starting at 9PM EDT/6PM PDT:

  1. Watch the LIVE discussion on here the Wine Antics Website! (WARNING: This is the FIRST week I am trying the embed code (see below). Update 9/30/16: the feed did not work! 😤
  2. Join us in the thick of all the action: on Huzza! Live chat with us starting at 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT for the pre-show and stay with us for the #afterparty starting at 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT!
  3. Are you a fan of Facebook? We use Facebook LIVE to stream to the Wine Antics Facebook Page too! Between 9:30 PM EDT/6:30 PM PDT – 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT we stream the “informational” part of the each show. This is the meat of the chat formatted in a way to provide 3o min of content, straight to the point. There’s a live chat to join, and of course this is the most mobile friendly version of the show!

Did you get that all? If not, in summary: join us here (hopefully) or on Huzza starting at 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT OR on Facebook between 9:30 PM EDT/6:30 PM PDT – 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT 

See you tomorrow for the wine ch…err BEER & wine chat!

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