Let’s Meet BEFORE The Wine Bloggers Conference

Let’s Meet BEFORE The Wine Bloggers Conference

This year will be my FIRST Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC)!

I’m luckier than most.  I have some very good friends that I will meet up with in Lodi.  First on that list is Stub (@CorkEnvy).  We met at the Wine Tourism Conference back in November, and since then we’ve co-hosted 15 wine livestream shows, formerly known as Blab About Wine, now called Wine Antics LIVE.  Next is Sarita from @VineMeUp.  We met on the Maryland Wine festival circuit and over the years she’s encouraged me to be a better wine lover and educator.  Now when I say educator, this doesn’t mean I can get up and teach a WSET class, but in our own circles, we wine writers/video makers/enthusiasts/livestreamers are ALL educators to each other and our followers!  Last, but not least, Glynis from @Vino_Noire!  I met her when I poured for Romano Vineyard & Winery at the Decanter Maryland Wine Festival.  She GRILLED me on their wine production, varieties, practices, etc. when I was just a volunteer, but she also taught me many things along the way – mostly to watch out for wine bloggers and their inquisitive minds!

Now that you know some of my friends, let me tell you how I plan to make a few more friends before the conference even starts!  Every Monday at 9:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM PDT) between July 11th and August 8th (July 18th & 25th, August 1st & 8th), I’m hosting a livestream event on my Livestream channel.  This is a chance for us to put faces to Twitter and Facebook names, and to help each other prepare for 4-5 days amazing days of wine antics (yep, I worked that in).

Each week we’ll discuss a new topic that corresponds with each conference day:

These topics are not set in stone, but I felt it was a logical pace for a live discussion. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to contact WBC sponsors & speakers and invite them to join our discussion. What better way to get a better understanding of what to expect than from those who are running and supporting the conference?

Wine Antics #WBC16 Livestream
Wine Antics #WBC16 Livestream Schedule

I’d like to say I am going to bring a wealth of experience to each of these livestream shows, but I already admitted I’m a WBC virgin, so that’s why I need YOUR help to make this successful! This isn’t a Twitter chat, this is a virtual meetup where you can come on air (yes, that means on camera) to share an event you’re excited about or a concern you have, because maybe it’s your first time at WBC, too!

I know we’re all a little shy at first, but a little time on camera (and maybe a little wine) will definitely make it easier to connect at the conference. So, get your camera ready to join the conversation and I’ll see you soon!




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