Drinking Local Chat YouTube Link

Not going to lie, yesterday was a BIG day for me! Chatting drinking local with the ladies of @SwirlSuite was a ton of fun and really let my inner wine nerd freak flag fly!!

While I know many of these ladies on a personal basis, I haven’t had a ton of professional chats with them…or with anyone but myself for that matter! I think we kept it casual, fun and mostly on topic. Though the topic of wine exports to China,winemaking in China, and counterfeit wines did creep into the talk! LOL Oops! 😜

Check out the amazing discussion we had, now available on YouTube!

Because I love these ladies, here’s the link to their personal BLOGs as well as the Swirl Suite page! 🍷❤🍷Thank you again, you wonderful women who drink !! 🍷❤🍷

The Swirl Suite a squad of wine & spirit professionals from DC to Paris. Catch our live Google hangouts, where we chat wine, cocktails with a side of shade.

Sarita – @VineMeUp http://www.vinemeup.com,


Tanisia – @GirlMeetsGlass http://www.girlmeetsglass.com 11062809_10205973297562158_4443024210660807985_n

Leslie – @Vino301Wine http://vino301.com 


Glynis – @Vino_Noire http://www.vino-noire.com  11949438_134032910274380_4304440989580008921_n

Melissa – @Liquor_Lady http://liquorlady.com 

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