Getting Bit

Getting Bit

Wine Bug ACK face Jan W3 2015We’ve all been there, at the most beautiful winery, on the most perfect day, only to find a bug in your getting drunk off your glass of Pinot Noir! But this antic isn’t about a gnat hijacking your beverage, its about a specific moment in every wine lover’s life: the moment you’re bit by the wine bug. Yes, it does involve getting bit, and sometimes it even infects your whole life!

Getting “bit by the wine bug” is a term commonly used when there’s a moment of clarity. You realize you REALLY love wine. Not just love drinking wine with your girlfriends to get drunk on Saturday night. It’s that moment you realize you love wine so much you want to listen to podcasts like “Wine for Normal People” or read BLOGs like the “The Academic Wino” on an alarmingly regular basis. It’s a turning point, a coming of age, for someone that crosses over from enjoying wine to being truly enthusiastic about.

About 4 years ago, I found myself more interested in learning about wine than I did about charting my career at the time. Diving InSo I did like anyone would, found a wine course. Instead of starting at a wine 101, jumped into one of the hardest certification courses there is, the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). Smart of me, right? I had no idea what I was getting into. I was like an innocent kid. I dove into the deep DEEP end of the pool because I didn’t know it would be hard or that I wasn’t supposed to, I just knew course description fit the type of information I was craving.

I was submerged in concepts I’d never heard and facts I thought few would ever take the time to explore. For the first few weeks I was a sponge, soaking up the wide world of wine. Then about half way through the course I realized that the CSW certification meant something in the wine world. And more importantly, I was completely unprepared for the end of course test I needed to pass to gain the certification. But I didn’t care! By going through this course, my eyes had become open. I had more questions and wanted to experience the things I had read about in class! I had been bit by the wine bug!

To this day I haven’t gone back to take the certification test again. However, it led me on the path away from my previous career and through the door of a whole new world. The one bite did infect my whole life, it showed me where interest and passion meet!

Thanks for reading my antic about getting bit. If you feel the same way, or have a similar story, please share it with me.!! I’d love to hear how the wine bug got YOU! How’s your life been every since???



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